This renovation concerns a family home, a penthouse with 4 bedrooms, distinguished for its bright environment. Natural materials were used in the project, giving the space a sense of harmony with nature. With clever design, we made the most of the available spaces and the double height, creating a flow that allows natural light to penetrate every corner of the house. In the attic, a special construction was added to enhance the natural brightness. Furthermore, the existing ceiling and stairs were preserved, giving the house a sense of tradition with a modern touch.

The integration of retro elements is one of the most interesting aspects of the project. The textures and materials used combine retro style with modern solutions, creating a space that draws inspiration from the past without losing its modern approach. We used textures that stimulate the touch, creating an environment that invites the sense for an enjoyable discovery. The result is a home that highlights the wonderful composition between classic and modern style.

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