“Total transformation- renovation of an old building into a luxury apartments.”

The interior of Fonte d’Oro is a fusion of comfort, elegance and modern design gracefully combined with traditional elements. Its suites are decorated in a unique style, balancing the elements of stone, wood, glass and marble. The old fountain, the well, the arches and the openings characteristically mark the architecture of the Venetian and the Ottoman period of Crete.

The building features a sunlit rooftop with magnificent views of Iroon Politechniou Square, the sea, the Fortezza fortress, the White Mountains and Psiloritis Mountain. The building was renovated in 2020 with creativity and imagination. The renovation added modern applications of automation, with a focus on design and energy saving. Through smart room technology, guests can fully operate the lighting, air-conditioning, and room and building access systems with the highest level of security.

Interior Design: iosv_designer

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