Rozites Luxury Beachfront Villa


This project will be constructed close to the village of Kerame, in South Rethymno. It is a beachfront plot with unobstructed sea view and access to the beach of Agia Fotini. The wild Cretan scenery and the serene blue sea, results in a combination of exceptional environment for villa construction.

The villa has about 165m2 livable areas and 120m2 basement. It is designed in harmony to its location, and combines stone, glass and earthy colors. It has large verandah and infinity pool, which gives the sense that the house lies in the sea. It has excellent view to the Lybian Sea and the house will be constructed in a plot of 4986.22 m2. It is consisted of 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large communal areas with wide openings (living room, kitchen etc), garage, cellar, gym and sauna. It is designed to accommodate people who want to have unique stay in a natural Cretan environment and a modern architectural building. The aim is to highlight the marvelous scenery which combines the wild mountainous part of Crete and the unlimited sea view.

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