This unique building is consisted of 2 separate apartments, which are constructed on a land of 2.038m2 in Perivolia in Rethymno. The building has three levels (basement, ground floor, 1st floor) and has the apartments and storage rooms in the basement. Due to the eccentric position of the building on the plot, it is feasible to build any future building allowance. The aim of the design was to secure that all rooms have direct view to the north (sea view), whereas the south side secures privacy from the neighboring buildings. The building is covered with thermal face construction, to secure thermal insulation specifications, in earthy colors. There are also plenty of glass, stone and wood surfaces.

The simple and clear conception of the geometric building volumes and the utilization of modern materials intensively stimulate sensations. The natural lighting substantially contributes to the promotion of livable spaces, disclosing on a discrete way, the alterations of the their areas, reinforcing the three-dimensional feeling of the building volumes.  

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